Our story

Meet Mom (Shannon)

Starting in the Food Service industry at the age of 17, Shannon ( affectionately known as Mom), has put in over a decade of hours in between restaurants and hospitality. She started as a hostess / busser worked her way through every position of service, dabbled in management before reaching the goal of entrepreneurship. Through teamwork, dedication and mutual passion she  has teamed up with Chef John Guzman ( The one and only Pop) to create the American Dream. The two of them share a child, wonderful friendship, and now a “put your soul into it, deliver the VERY best, make your mouth water, give it EVERYTHING you’ve got” Food Truck.

Meet Pop (John)

In 1999, John Guzman took the first steps in his culinary journey. He started with BBQ ( self taught) moved to steakhouse’s and high profile establishments such as Sullivan’s and Bess Bistro.

John also spent a significant amount of time as a chef for the world renowned Brush Creek Ranch where he met Shannon (Mom) in 2015. John earned the tittle of “Pop” after fathering a son (Bear).

Pop is humble and fiercely dedicated to technique, integrity and quality. He has vast experience, industry expertise and a steadfast work ethic. Pop’s  signature recipes come from his childhood in Texas and his love for Mexican food. 

The original idea for Pop’s came from Pop sharing one of his favorite movies with the family. (Chef, Jon Favreau)

Meet Bear

Meet Barrett Hampton Fuller ( he prefers his full name whilst being introduced) the biggest surprise Mom and Pop have ever had!

The coolest adventurer, sweetest snuggle buddy, and the wildest living room break dancer you ever did see. He is the “WHY” Pop’s exists and our reason to strive for complete success.

Bear has brought so much love and sunshine into our lives that we want to give him something back. We want to give him two parents who come together, work hard and always strive for something better.